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Lydall, Inc. (collectively, with its direct and indirect subsidiaries, worldwide, hereinafter "Lydall") is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to its Web site. This Privacy Policy and the accompanying Terms of Use describe the information collected by, how that information is used by Lydall, and the terms and conditions of your use of this site. We encourage you to read both of these documents carefully before using this site. If you have any comments or questions, or if there are other things we can do to maximize the value of this site to you, please contact our Legal Department at (860) 646-1233 or via email at


In General

You can visit our Web site without identifying yourself or revealing any personal information.  Lydall monitors user traffic patterns throughout the site according to a user's domain name, browser type, date and time of access, and pages viewed.  Our Web servers collect the domain names but not the e-mail addresses of visitors. This information is collected in order to measure the number of visitors to our site and to determine which areas of the site users find useful based upon the amount of traffic to particular areas. Lydall uses this information to enhance users' experience at the site and to better prepare future content based on the interests of users.


On occasion, a visitor to our Web site may be asked to provide personal information.  In most cases, personal information is used only to respond to inquiries.  Lydall will not provide e-mail addresses or other visitor information to any non-Lydall organization or partner.  In some instances, Lydall may provide links to non-Lydall controlled Web sites.  However, Lydall does not control such third-party Web sites, and cannot be responsible for the content or the privacy practices employed by other sites.



Lydall may use cookies on this site. Cookies are small text files sent to and stored on users' computers that allow Web sites, such as, to recognize repeat users, facilitate users' access to sites, and allow sites to compile aggregate data that will allow content improvements.  Cookies allow for better navigation between pages and help browsers display the information that is the most relevant to you. Cookies do not damage users' computers or files.  If users do not want cookies to be accessible by Lydall, most browser programs allow users to deny or disable the use of cookies.


What types of cookies does Lydall use?

There are four different types of cookies, “Strictly Necessary,” “Functionality,” “Performance,” and “Targeting.” Lydall uses “Strictly Necessary cookies” and “Functionality cookies.”


Strictly Necessary Cookies are used to allow you to access secure areas of our website where we include value added material (e.g., typical property sheets, safety data sheets, whitepapers and brochures). All these documents require an email address to ensure content is being accessed by the appropriate individuals.


Functionality cookies  allows our website to remember your email address and log-in credentials so you don’t have to continue to use your email address each time you need to access our value added material. These cookies also allow you to edit your preferences at your discretion so you can unsubscribe/subscribe to email campaigns.


How to delete or block cookies?

Cookies can be deleted by navigating to the “history” tab from the “tools” icon on your browser. You can clear you browser history and then check the box that reads “cookies and other site plug-in data.”


Blocking cookies can be done by modifying the privacy settings in the preferences section of your browser. Please note that if your browser is set to block cookies there are secure areas of our website that will be inaccessible to you. 


Correcting / Changing Information

Lydall allows users to correct or change information submitted to Lydall or to report problems with the site or to pose questions or concerns by contacting us at


As Lydall expands and improves this site, we will endeavor to refresh this policy.  We encourage you to refer to this policy on a regular basis for updates to the policy.  This policy may be modified from time to time without prior notice to its users. Please notify us at if you wish to remove your information from this site.


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