Industrial / Manufacturing

Chemical Production – Liquid Filtration

Lydall supplies microglass, synthetic, composite, and surface treated media for filtration of many different fluids including oils, fuels, chemicals, inks and coolants. Our range of options ensures the optimal media design is available for your application. Filtration efficiency, media capacity, pressure drop, beta stability, chemical compatibility, thermal compatibility, surface characteristics and pleat processing must be considered in selecting the ideal media.

Our LyPore® Defender liquid filtration media and LyPore® microglass media have the highest efficiency, highest dirt holding and lowest pressure drop of all our media. These grades are readily pleated, wound and laminated.  Both LyPore Defender media and LyPore media can be surface treated to enhance filtration properties for specific applications.

Our 100% polypropylene LyPore® MB liquid filtration products come in a range of efficiency ratings from 1μm to 200μm. They are a cost effective option for many applications and offer broad chemical compatibility. LyPore MB media is readily wound or heat-seamed and can be laminated to other media. Some LyPore MB grades may also be pleated.

Chemical Production – Air Filtration

For ambient temperature dust generating applications that require dust collection systems, Arioso® high performance air filtration composite media provides near HEPA up to HEPA level performance, superior dust release, and ultra-low pressure drop.

For static air filtration systems, you can rely on LydAir® MG HEPA air filtration products to guarantee air purity.

Chemical Production – High Temperature Insulation 

Chemical production and industrial plant processes often run at very high temperatures. To prevent loss of process heat and achieve expected throughput, manufacturers choose thermal insulation that have proven temperature protection and offer ease of handling for a multitude of fabricating processes required for different applications. For gaskets, seals, pipe wrap and large surface coverage, we offer the ManniGlas® family of wet-laid nonwoven paper products in multiple widths and thicknesses.