Life Science

With the strict requirements of the Biopharmaceutical industry comes the need for materials with proven performance. Lydall provides a complete portfolio of media with manufacturing standards which fulfill the demanding requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Using advanced research and development, Lydall develops high quality nonwoven media and membranes tailored specially for biopharm process manufacturers.

Lydall provides a complete portfolio of LyPore® liquid filtration media which incorporates a unique depth structure and high surface area ideally suited for pre-filtration and clarification in biopharmaceutical processes. LyPore® XL liquid filtration media provides superior dirt holding capacity for clarification applications, while Solupor® HF membrane maintains sterile environments where venting is required. Typical Applications include:

  • Fermentation
  • Cell culture
  • Serum clarification
  • Ophthalmic solutions
  • Plasma fractionation
  • Vaccines
  • Parenterals
  • Pharmaceutical production