Large Appliances

Lydall Performance Materials is the experienced insulation leader for household appliances and commercial food service equipment. Lydall’s experienced technical staff are experts in thermal modeling and design, material science and application development.  Within our dedicated appliance laboratory, Lydall engineers develop material and design solutions to meet customer requirements for thermal performance, energy efficiency and ease of manufacture, providing OEM customers with a complete solution they can quickly validate. 

We have had years of success working with North American manufacturers and we are translating that success globally when optimum thermal and acoustical performance are required. Typical applications where our products are used by OEMs to meet Energy Star and CSA and UL performance standards are ovens and ranges, water heaters, gas fireplaces, dishwashers, commercial fryers, industrial heating systems and combination cooking units.

ManniGlas® thermal insulation offers improved temperature performance, easy installation, reduced material requirements, and control of total cost for your appliance requirements.

Vacuum Cleaners

Lydall Performance Materials has a wide variety of products to address vacuum cleaner filtration.  LydAir® MG air filtration media is the workhorse of our product line, providing mechanical filtration for exhaust filtration. LydAir MB meltblown media is available for exhaust or vacuum cleaner bags, and is ultrasonically weldable.  For those vacuum cleaner applications requiring high efficiencies and low pressure drop, Arioso® high performance air filtration composite media is the solution of choice.