Aircraft applications are among the most demanding and most critical. The LydAir® air filtration media and LyPore® liquid filtration media families are well suited to meet the complex needs of the aerospace industry.  The LydAir MG and SC product line will keep the cabin air clean while Lypore Defender products protect the on-board hydraulic systems.  Lydall’s outstanding quality has been trusted in the aerospace industry for years.  Under extreme conditions including temperature and vibration, Lydall filtration media will provide superior longevity and performance.  

Typical Applications

  • Coalescing / Fuel Filtration
  • Hydraulic Oil / Lubrication
  • Cabin Air


  • High Reproducibility
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity
  • Easily Wound & Pleated
  • Consistent Bed Volume
  • Low Extractables


  • Consistent Performance
  • Longer Filter Life
  • Adaptable to Application
  • Uniform Liquid Transfer
  • No Unintended Additives    

Product Notes:
¹Standard LydAir and LyPore microglass filtration media grades are available with a variety of laminated scrims. Contact your Lydall sales representative to learn about these and additional scrim options.