CRS Wrap Super-Insulating Media

Press Release

Lydall is Chosen as Cryogenic Insulation Supplier for ITER Project

CRS Wrap® super-insulating media combines inorganic glass nonwoven fiber with aluminum foil to form a collated, super-insulating system of radiant barriers and spacers on one roll.  Since CRS Wrap insulation does not contain an adhesive or any adherent, outgassing in vacuum space is minimized while wrapping capabilities are maximized. This widely-used, multilayer insulation (MLI) arrangement:

  • Provides the most efficient thermal protection for liquefied gases
  • Keeps your payload colder...longer
  • Alleviates thermal shorting
  • Improves customer productivity by as much as 400% (according to customer testimonials)
  • Meets international and US DOT MC-338 (oxygen compatibility) requirements
  • Available with your choice of original CryoTherm® or with newly developed biosoluble CryoTherm 233B

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