LydAir MG HEPA Air Filtration Media

LydAir® MG HEPA and ULPA air filtration media is specially engineered for use in a wide range of absolute clean air applications that provide the highest available efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow. LydAir MG media is designed to provide superior strength and stiffness for improved pleating characteristics for a broad range of applications.

LydAir MG HEPA and ULPA air filtration media is non-woven, wet laid filter media for use in pleated air filters. LydAir MG media is comprised primarily of glass micro fibers and is produced with a wet laid process similar to that used for the production of paper. Available in efficiencies ranges from E10-U17 (>99.999995%). 

Features & Advantages

  • High uniformity for consistent filtration performance under laminar flow conditions
  • Engineered to meet or exceed HVAC and Air Intake performance requirements
  • Designed for use in all types of air filtration applications including those with harsh environments such as gas turbine intake air and nuclear exhaust applications
  • High dust-holding capacity
  • Special lower energy consumption designs
  • Designed for all types of pleating equipment
  • For use in deep-pleat and mini-pleat applications
  • Laminated, antimicrobial-treated and other combinations are available and can be designed to meet specific application requirements    

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