LyPore Unity Coalescing Media

LyPore® Unity liquid/gas and liquid/liquid coalescing media grades are part of the LyPore liquid filtration media family. This media is optimized for efficient separation of water from liquids or oil mist and water from air streams.  All grades are constructed with the proven technology of borosilicate microfiberglass that offers the highest level of coalescence at the lowest pressure drop.  Our fluoropolymer oil and water repellency treatment processes ensure exacting separation of target compounds and long element life. LyPore Unity grades can be pleated or wrapped and are available in a wide range of efficiencies, repellency levels, and binders.



  • Proprietary fluropolymer repellency
  • Enhanced production process
  • Ultra low pressure drop
  • Maintains system pressures
  • Application specific grades
  • Optimized for lowest carry-over
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Adaptable to application


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