Life Science

Laboratory Safety

Biosafety cabinets provide personal, product and environmental protection from hazardous particulates that require containment. Lydall’s family of HEPA and ULPA air filtration media deliver the performance and protection required for these critical laboratory tools. Design elements for media in this application include 99.97% minimum efficiency, uniform pressure drop, consistent laminar air flow as well as increased product durability and energy savings. Lydall’s application knowledge and end-user relationships in this market allow us to develop high performance media for our customers, allowing them to stand apart from the competition. Benches and cabinets which utilize our media include:

  • Biosafety Benches
  • Animal Research Benches
  • Nanotechnology enclosures
  • Clean benches
  • Pharmacy Barrier Isolators
  • Gloveboxes

Analytical Sample Preparation

Lydall Performance Materials understands the strict quality requirements of glass fiber filter papers and membranes for analytical sample prep and analysis. We provide 100% borosilicate microglass fiber media for high temperature testing such as total suspended solids and total dissolved solids in water quality analysis as well as pre-filters for oil and grease analysis. These high performance media meet the stringent requirements established by ASTM and the EPA to deliver consistent, reliable results. Products are available to suppliers and resellers operating in the following markets.

  • Analytical Filter Papers
  • Air Monitoring
  • Waste Water Monitoring
  • Municipal Water Analysis