LyPore Liquid Filtration Media

LyPore® liquid filtration media is Lydall’s workhorse product for liquid filtration. These grades have a history of success in a variety of applications. The small diameter fibers give this microfiberglass media superior efficiency and dirt holding when compared to cellulose and synthetic media. LyPore media delivers unmatched value given its premium performance characteristics, and is available binder free or with acrylic, epoxy, or FDA approved binders. Surface treatments can be implemented to enhance filter performance, such as with oil repellent and hydrophobic filters.



  • Good dirt holding capacity
  • Longer filter life
  • High reproducibility
  • Consistent performance
  • Easily wound & pleated
  • Multiple filter configurations

LyPore Media Binder Systems

In addition to binder free media, Lydall offers various binder systems for compatibility with high demanding applications. LyPore media is customizable to optimize performance based upon minimal extractable levels, thermal and chemical compatibility, and pleating/processability.

Product Notes
LyPore liquid filtration media grades are available with a variety of laminated scrims. Contact your Lydall sales representative to learn about these additional scrim options.