Manniweb Functional Support Layers

Lydall’s Manniweb® industrial paper protects fragile filtration media in harsh environments. Manniweb media is highly uniform and very stiff, resulting in excellent pleatability. High porosity results in low pressure drop for air filtration applications. The structures are optimized for crisp pleating and good bonding to efficiency layers for composite media. Manniweb media laminates well to microglass media, meltblown materials, membranes, and nano-fiber layers.         

Manniweb functional support layers are available in all-synthetic, cellulose/synthetic, and glass construction with a range of basis weights, and can be used as a standalone layer for coarse filtration applications.

Features & Advantages

  • 100% synthetic, cellulose/synthetic, or glass fiber construction
  • Excellent pleatability
  • Durable
  • High porosity
  • Low air flow resistance
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • For use with composites, or as standalone coarse filtration

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