Lydall recognizes that consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of their drinking water. This is why Lydall engineered a family of media tailored for a range of point of entry (POE) and point of use (POU) filter manufacturers. Using next generation process controls, we ensure the highest purity, taste, and safety of drinking water to end users. With a dedication to quality and performance, this drinking water media addresses essential filtration needs for healthy drinking water, by providing superior bacteria removal capabilities.

Lydall’s family of LyPore® liquid filtration media, LyPore® XL liquid filtration media, and LyPore® Clarity binder free media provide absolute sediment, cryptosporidium, and giardia removal, which are critical concerns in filtration processes for drinking water applications. As an alternative, LyPore® MB liquid filtration media provides an economical solution for less demanding applications. Typical drinking water applications include:

  • Consumer Drinking Water
  • Ultrapure Water
  • Process Water
  • Pre-filtration for Membranes
  • Sediment Removal/ Pre-filtration
  • Microbiological Filtration
  • Industrial Water Filtration