Lydall's R&D strategy focuses on two primary goals; developing revolutionary breakthroughs for new applications and requirements, and implementing continuous performance and quality improvement of our existing products.

Our roadmap for next generation products addresses the most demanding filtration, separation and insulation challenges. Air quality, energy consumption, health consciousness and concerns, supply of clean drinking water, improved lifestyle, and increasing regulatory requirements are creating new product opportunities. Our active research programs and development partnerships address these areas and others. Please contact us directly for additional information on how Lydall's R&D efforts are advancing insulation, filtration, and separation capability.

With advanced R&D and new pilot manufacturing facilities, we drive value in our customers' products by inventing next-generation materials with superior performance. Lydall products are found in filtration, separation and insulation applications in liquid natural gas transport, power generation, diagnostics devices, medical devices, water treatment, high efficiency air and liquid filtration, gasket materials, and specialty and industrial processes. Our expertise and process capabilities include wet laid, needled, membrane, melt blown, and composite technologies.

Our product development teams follow a phase-gate process to bring products from concept to qualified volume manufacturing. Our design engineers have access to a range of materials and manufacturing processes, starting from small production trials on our Mini Mill and pilot scale machines, or rapid development on our laminators, up to higher volume production trials on our larger assets. This approach ensures the highest quality product with seamless transitions from development and qualification to volume manufacturing.