LydAir SC Air Filtration Media

Engineered to provide superior processing on your existing pleating equipment, LydAir® SC air filtration media is a 100% synthetic composite media which is highly uniform and durable, resulting in improved production efficiency and filter quality.

Its patented gradient density construction and low resistance to air flow provide for extended filter life. LydAir SC media is available in a wide range of efficiencies to meet your air filtration requirements and can be customized to your application.

LydAir media is also available in microglass and in synthetic/glass and poly/cellulose composites. Materials of construction and media properties can be customized to suit individual applications.

Features & Advantages

  • Durable 100% synthetic construction
  • Lowest air flow resistance
  • High efficiency
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Patented gradient density
  • Pleatable on high speed equipment

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