LyPore MB Liquid Filtration Media

LyPore® MB liquid filtration media is comprised of 100% meltblown polypropylene fibers and is featured as an alternative to the microfiberglass line of media in the LyPore liquid filtration media family. LyPore MB media has individual grades rated from 1μm to 200 μm efficiencies and there are three different distinct designs within the product family. Calendered LyPore MB media has the highest efficiency but also the highest pressure drop, and collated LyPore MB media includes a number of individual layers seamed together. These products have very high dirt holding capacity and efficiencies. Single layer LyPore MB media is the most economical solution, and has low pressure drop across a wide range of efficiencies.



  • 100% polypropylene construction
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • Meets 21 CFR requirements
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Calendered grades available
  • High efficiency
  • Single layer media available
  • Low pressure drop


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