Industrial / Manufacturing

Lydall offers a full range of products to meet your high temperature protection needs.  When your application demands a product that is easily cut, wrapped, and formed with low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and excellent thermal stability, LyTherm® premium ceramic fiber papers are the answer. LyTherm is typically used in applications such as:

  • Foundry - ladles, coreless and channel induction furnaces  
  • Heat Treating - brazing fixtures, separating media, tray/sagger liners
  • Steel - coke oven door seals, door plug gaskets, ladles  
  • Glass - side and end wall tank repairs  
  • Aluminum - anode baking pits, molten metal pumping systems  
  • Appliance - radiant heaters, gasketing, asbestos replacement
  • Cement and Lime - kilns
  • Aerospace - aircraft thermal barriers
  • Dental - castings
  • Gas - generating canisters
  • Commercial sales