Lydall's comprehensive quality program ensures all of our products are produced under the strictest conditions at our ISO 9001 Certified facilities. Lydall has long enjoyed a reputation for high quality and production standards. This has resulted in the wide acceptance and deployment of Lydall products in virtually all industries where insulation, filtration and separation are of critical importance.

Lydall has embraced Lean Six Sigma as its continuous improvement program. This combines the fundamental tools of two business improvement methodologies:

  • Lean Manufacturing: focused on the elimination of waste in our processes, both in the factory and in the office.
  • Six Sigma: focused on the reduction in variation in our products and processes.

We believe a continuous improvement effort never ends. We continually improve upon what we do through implementation of the latest word-class techniques for operational excellence.

During 40 years of operation we have developed the expertise necessary to optimize our production and quality systems to the needs of specific industries. This provides a foundation for success in demanding cleanroom, automotive, medical, drinking water and pharmaceutical markets. Our quality management system includes processes for continual improvement and the assurance of conformity to customer and regulatory requirements.

Our product development teams incorporate this philosophy from product conception through to the ultimate customer solution. This includes a wide spectrum of capabilities ranging from raw material analysis and hand sheet development, to small production trials on our Mini Mill and pilot machines, on to higher volume production trials on our larger assets. This approach ensures the highest quality product with seamless transitions from development and qualification to volume manufacturing.