Today, component suppliers to Automotive OEMs continue to be challenged to improve operating parameters of their systems. In particular, engine compartments are becoming more compact which directly increases the need for more efficient and higher temperature insulation that can dissipate heat more quickly and provide greater protection.

Lydall’s lambda automotive heat shield insulation provides automotive manufacturers with high-temperature insulation materials that combine excellent thermal performance with superior material design.  This new family of fiberglass wet-laid products with higher temperature resistance and lower organic content reduce off-gassing in these very demanding automotive applications.

Typical Applications:

  • Automotive heat shield


  • Minimal off-gassing
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to automotive fluids
  • Outstanding product uniformity and consistency


  • Long-term stability in high temperature/vibration environments
  • Enhancement of the acoustical performance when used in composite
  • Improved efficiency
  • Low Density
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Certified