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Gas Turbine Air Intake

Lydall has decades of experience in providing filtration media that protects gas turbines from the wear and corrosion caused by particulates in the air stream.  Whether it is a static system, a pulsed system, on the coast, or in the desert, Lydall Performance Materials has the right solution for your high efficiency needs.

Our highest performing technology is our Arioso® high performance air filtration composite media.  Based on our Solupor® membrane technology, Arioso media is bringing E12 filtration to gas turbine air intakes around the world, with longer life in challenging hydrocarbon environments.

LydAir® MG air filtration media is available in ranges from ASHRAE up to HEPA, with special treatments for moisture and oil challenged environments.

For synthetics, Lydall offers LydAir® MB meltblown media for bag/pocket filters or LydAir® SC synthetic composite media for pleated configurations. Both rely on proprietary Lydall technology for long-term performance.

When uptime and turbine cleanliness are of the utmost importance, turn to Lydall Performance Materials.

Nuclear Air Filtration

Lydall has decades of experience with nuclear air filtration, and is one of very few suppliers qualified to supply this media.

LydAir MG 3398 and 3398 UF air filtration media has been specifically developed for Nuclear and Military HEPA applications. Specially engineered to provide the highest filtration efficiency at a minimal resistance to air flow, 3398 is chosen where guaranteed efficiency and consistency are required. 3398-UF adds an antimicrobial agent to preserve the integrity of the media by preventing fungi, mold, and mildew growth and has been reported to extend filter life.

LydAir MG Grade 3398 has been certified to meet the performance requirements of ASME AG-1b-2011, articles FC-I-3000 and FC-I-4000.

LydAir MG Grade 3398-UF has been certified to meet the performance requirements of PRF EA-F-2349 and ASME AG-1b-2011, articles FC-I-3000 and FC-I-4000.

The anti-microbial system tested by AATCC Method 30.

Typical Applications:

  • Nuclear Industry
  • Military Applications
  • Bio-Safety Benches
  • Personal Respirators

Rotating Equipment Lubrication

Rotating equipment lube filters are experiencing stricter requirements due to design tolerances and performance demands. Our LyPore® Defender liquid filtration media and LyPore® liquid filtration media grades offer filtration characteristics ideal for these emerging requirements. These products deliver high efficiency removal of soot and fine contaminant removal, reducing engine wear. These grades are optimized for increases in media dirt holding capacity, fluid flow rates and strength at high temperatures and pressures. Filters designed with LyPore Defender media and LyPore media last longer and improve performance under extreme conditions. This extends equipment life and reduces filter replacement frequency. Lydall microglass media outperforms cellulose and synthetic products in today's challenging operating environments.