LyPore Defender Liquid Filtration Media

LyPore® Defender liquid filtration media is Lydall’s newest liquid media series.  Extensive R&D coupled with industry leading expertise in wet-laid microglass media results in a series of products that truly push the boundaries of dirt holding, particle removal, and flow.

Our unique blend of fibers and binders are optimized for each grade to provide ultimate performance in a pleated configuration.  While initially designed for hydraulic filters, LyPore Defender microglass filtration media can be used in virtually any industrial liquid application that requires high performance and long life.

These grades are optimal when co-pleated with multiple support layers and can be used as the sole efficiency and dirt holding layer or in conjunction with a separate pre-filter. The LyPore Defender microglass filtration media series is available in standard acrylic latex binder or optional epoxy binder for more demanding fluid and temperature requirements.


  • Lydall’s highest dirt holding media
  • Use in conjunction with pre-filter grade 9247 for even higher retention
  • Exacting efficiency for desired particle size
  • Easily withstands high pressures and flow rates
  • For high temperature use and compatibility with virtually any fluid, choose the epoxy binder option (“X” Suffix)

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