LydAir MG ASHRAE Air Filtration Media

LydAir® MG ASHRAE air filtration media provides superior strength and stiffness for improved pleating characteristics while also offering excellent filtration and dust holding performance. Providing 100% mechanical efficiency, LydAir MG ASHRAE media does not rely on an electrostatic charge and will not lose efficiency over time.  It is chosen for applications where guaranteed efficiency and consistency is a must and reduced energy costs can provide a distinguishable competitive advantage.

List of Applications:   

  • Power Generation
    • Gas Turbine Air Intake
  • Commercial Buildings
    • HVAC Air Filtration Systems
    • Prefiltration for HEPA Systems
    • Healthcare Facilities
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
    • Asbestos Abatement Filtration
    • Chemical Processing
    • Compressor Inlet Filtration
    • Equipment Intake/Exhaust Air
    • Paint Spray Booth
    • High-Temperature Industrial
  • Residential/Consumer
    • Home Air Conditioners
    • Residential Furnace Filters
    • Room Air Purifiers