Arioso Membrane Composites

Gas Turbine

Arioso® high performance air filtration composite media is ideally suited for gas turbine air intakes, where end users value high efficiency filtration for reduced cleaning, less downtime, and maximum energy output. Suitable for pulsed and static applications, Arioso media delivers E10 to E12 efficiency at world class low resistance. Arioso composites’ resistance to oil and hydrocarbon loading provide longer filter life than other available membrane technologies.

Dust Collection / Air Pollution Control

Exhibiting excellent dust release in a highly durable membrane, Arioso composites can be used in both pleated cartridges as well as sewn or welded bag applications.


At half the pressure drop of microglass filtration media for a given efficiency, Arioso composites can deliver lower energy consumption in cleanspace applications.


Arioso composites are well suited for use in respirators, where low resistance to airflow provides clear performance advantages.

List of Applications:   

  • Power Generation
    • Gas turbine air intake
  • Commercial buildings
    • Commercial HVAC
  • Residential/Consumer
    • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
    • Respirators
    • Food & Beverage
    • Chemical
    • Computer/Electronic